I see this series of artwork as figurative, and the figures are represented by vibrations and colors, shapes and lines. Each element for me is an object, and by combining these objects into one space, I explore the nature of the surrounding world, the structures that arise within it, their illusory nature, and how our consciousness, as if emerging from one point or being that point in itself, creates from the chaos of senselessness and nonexistence a beautiful world of things and forms, striving to achieve perfection and absolute beauty. I want to grasp the essence of this perfection and why that sensation becomes stronger when there is a flaw.
For me, my works are my reasonings and attempts to understand how static or, on the contrary, how continuously developing our fundamental intellectual constructions are, such as life and death, infinity and beauty, morality and religion, and time and reality itself. And, if everything is in continuous movement and development, then what is the nature of these processes? Are they cyclical? If so, I want to uncover the paradigms in order to understand through what stages our consciousness passes, and how our thoughts, associations, and views are affected, and whether it is possible that the consciousness of one person evolving goes through all the stages of becoming characteristic of all humankind – from thinking irrationally and mythically to rationally and realistically, and from the abandoned garden of our serene childhood, passing through the pain of corporeality and death, as we are on the way back to Eden.